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Typical Movies

The selected movies are filmed entirely or partially in a single building. It is a clear restriction that allows the space of the movie to be read within a limited area.

The entire programme of Typical Movies consists of 20 movies divided in four series. Each series is defined by a specific Scale. The movies are grouped according to the dimensions of the building and the camera movements within the space and the thresholds of the building.


The themes of the four movie series are described as following. #1. One-room space, a series of movies made entirely in one room, without any possibility for the camera to move out of it; one door is the only access. #2. Sequence of Rooms, in which the camera moves continually from one room to another; several doors are crossing points. #3. Captured Landscape, where the camera movement is restricted to one building and its garden or surrounding; the window is the connection with the landscape. #4. Big Scale, which  investigates the camera movement within the large space of the building.

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