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Arrange Your Rocks Naturally (Lorenzo Casali and Micol Roubini, 2013)

“The title ironically refers to an English gardening manual from the sixties that explains, step by step, how to dispose rocks in a garden in order to obtain a composition that will look rather natural. It alludes to the human attitude of organizing/colonizing every sort of inhabited space: from private houses to gardens and, more generally, the territory. […] The video is made in three different houses in Scotland. The outside spaces seem to mirror the interior of this houses. These shots are introduced by surveying instruments, ancient and recent, used to measure and manage the land: a map of the nineteenth century, a telescope, few theodolites. The views of these lovely flowery gardens reveal once more the attempt to domesticate the space in which we live uncertain.”


For this event the directors present and introduce own works and videos including also Permanence#2 (2010) that is shot in Crooswijk, a neighbourhood in Rotterdam.

Digital frame of the film.

Backstage of Arrange Your Rock Naturally: photo by Lorenzo Casali, 2013

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