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Tout Va Bien (All's Well; Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1972)

Within the period of the class struggle the film has a clear and strong political meaning.

A curious sausage factory is the location of the movie that tells about a strike staged by the plant's workers. The factory is built in a studio and part of it consists of a cross-sectioned building where the camera movement follows the line of the section. The sectioned part of the building hosts various offices including the room of the boss but not the production area of the factory. Tout Va Bien is probably Godard’s most openly Marxist film. The entire movie is an analysis of class relations: different stories of exploitations are told within the spaces of the cross section. This stories are not only focused on the relation between workers and owner because the struggle can be extended on many aspects of the daily life.

Panoramic image of three digital frames of the cross-sectioned set.

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