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High-Rise (Ben Wheatley, 2015)

It is based on the 1975 novel High-Rise made by the writer J.G. Ballard. The film is entirely located in the forty story high-rise tower on the outskirts of London. The architecture of this building can be considered as a protagonist of the movie. The isolated tower is vertically divided and the inhabitants are grouped in three social clusters. The tower is a pure creation of the author and the set designers, it is composed by three different entities: 1. the interior that is shot in the Leisure Centre in Bangor (Belfast, Northern Ireland) designed by Hugo Simpson in 1970; 2. the scenes on the roof that are shot in the Walled Garden at Bangor Castle which was designed by the Ward family in the 1840s; 3. the exterior of the tower and the landscape that are realised with a 3D modelling software.

Digital frames of the film.

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