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Les Sièges de l'Alcazar (The Siege of the Alcazar; Luc Moullet, 1989)

This film takes place in a cinema. Sièges is a French word that has a double meaning: ‘seat’ and ‘siege’. Alcazar is the name of the cinema and it suggests also the name of the fortress in Toledo, besieged by the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. Moreover this This film takes place in a cinema. can be considered autobiographical. In fact, the director Luc Moullet aims to represent his fascination for cinema. The movie is based on the vibrant debate between Positif and Cahiers du cinéma, important French film critic magazines. The cinema hall is often shot from the side of the screen in order to directly simulate the subjective view of the spectator that is hypothetically watching the movie behind the screen of the cinema Alcazar. 

Interpretative drawings of the cinema Alcazar: plan and section.

Digital frame of the film.

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