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MASTEQUOIA op.09-13 | Rotterdam, Tokyo, Fez (Gabriele Silli, Giacomo Sponzilli and Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, 2013)

“54 hours of VHS tapes collected during the years 2009-2011 in the cities of Rotterdam, Tokyo and Fez. In 2013, three distinct landscape portraits are extracted and composed in a 64’ feature film in three chapters titled The Fall of Rotterdam, The Divine Groom and Foundation of Fez.

Op. 09-13 is essentially structured in a triptych, where each chapter evokes in a visionary appropriation the city’s peculiar history and identity. The convergence of these far and extraneous sites in a single picture film, constructs a warp of relations and reciprocities which reformulates and forces their geography, architecture and history into a kind of continental triangulation.”

Mastequoia is the name of the group composed by three artists (Gabriele, Giacomo and Carlo).

Mastequoia op. 09-13 is a film conceived to collect the actions and the experiences that the group made in Rotterdam, Tokyo and Fez.

It was screened first time in Rotterdam for Cinema Architecture.

Backstage of the film: photo by collective Mastequoia, Rotterdam, 2010.

Silk-screen printing of the film poster.

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