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Kynodontas (Dogtooth; Yorgos Lantimos, 2009)

The film is made in a villa located in Greece. The over-protective parents of a rich family keep under imprisonment the three children, two adult girls and an adult boy, in their huge fenced compound isolated from the rest of the world in order to not ‘contaminate’ their growth. They live in a large and affluent villa behind a very high wall and a gate, which is always locked. Only the father can leave, driving to the factory he owns. During the day the children can play in the garden and in the swimming pool while in the night they cannot leave their bedrooms. The space of the villa appears claustrophobic and it reveals many inner threshold, gates and rules during the daily explorations made by the children. The camera constantly follows these obsessed trajectories. Within this fluent camera movements it seems that only the ground floor of the villa exists, adapting to this configuration and through editing the shots taken in the bedrooms at the first floor. 

Digital frame of the film.

Interpretative plan of the villa.

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