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La estrategia del caracol (The Strategy of the Snail; Sergio Cabrera, 1993)

The film is located in a old urban block in Bogotá (Colombia) which is home of different kinds of people. They are told to leave the house because its owner, a rich man, has new plans with it. The tenants are confronted with the authorities who are trying to kick everyone out of the house.

La estrategia del caracol shows the city, besides being a physical space, as a stage that considers different characters influencing their actions and the story that is told. The interactions between the inhabitants and the institutions allow the urban space to be configured: to see the city as more than a backdrop.


The movie is introduced together with Luisa Rossini (PhD in Urban and Regional Planning). The political content of the movie is presented through her thinking and research: From Strategy to Tactic: exploring the tools to insurgent practices in the contemporary city.

Digital frame of the film.

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