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Itinerant Movies

The programme Cinema Architecture 2017-18: Itinerant Movies takes place at KINO Rotterdam and WORM and consists of twenty  screening events. The intention is to show only films shot entirely in a single vehicle. By that, each film can be seen as a specific vector that describes trajectories and movements marked through a Cartesian coordinate system or simply a map. With their deliberate visual restriction, the narrative of single-set films depends on the tension between the inside (vehicle) and the outside space (landscape).


These films transport the spectator from place to place, albeit with a clear spatial reference, that is the vehicle. Sailing along the Maas river by boat, moving across New York in a limousine or flying over the Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in helicopter channels the perception of the landscape in a linear way: what is left behind is the known territory, what lies ahead is the unknown. Through this process the space is revealed to the spectator gradually, building up his/her own memories, associations, expectations, creating their own mental map.


Deconstructing and reconstructing the architectural space depicted in the film engage the spectator in an active process of discovery.


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