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Itinerant Movies

Architects’ Congress (László Moholy-Nagy, 1933; silent film with intertitles) with a live soundtrack composed and executed by Almeida’s Kino Unit.

Architects’ Congress is a cinematic journal which recorded the meeting of the fourth CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture). The meeting was held in 1933 on a ship that cruised along the Mediterranean Sea between Marseille and Athens. The participants were notable writers and editors of periodicals, architects, musicians and artists such as Le Corbusier, Cornelis van Eesteren, Sigfried Giedion, and Fernand Léger. The film shows the unique atmosphere in which the discussions about projects of modern cities took place.

The band Almeida’s Kino Unit consists of seven musicians: Saskia Venegas (violin), Anne Bakker (viola), Nina Hits (cello), Gonçalo Almeida (double bass), Lukas Simonis (guitar), Philipp Ernsting and Friso van Wijck (percussions).


February 14 at KINO Rotterdam

Event starts at 21:00
Entrance 6€ // Free with Cinevillepas
Please reserve your ticket, only 70 seats are available.



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